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S7 Global to become a World Class Entrepreneurship with business operations worldwide over 50 countries, all devoted to the Blue Sky Strategy and spearheaded by the Geese Teamwork Spirit, that both, characterized by Sharing and Love Leadership.

Our 3 in 1 Philosophies

  • Culture Comes Before Business
  • Love Comes Before Benefit
  • Learn Comes Before Sales



The Blue Sky Strategy is a refreshing new business idea requiring every stakeholder in the company to take pride in giving and sharing.

Blue Sky principles as embodied in our company vision, mission, core values and philosophies are about everyone working together as a team, caring and sharing. It symbolizes the practice of the highest of human emotion – LOVE

  • A Business of Giving, Sharing, Loving, Caring
  • A Mission of Pay It Forward Culture
  • A Vision of True Love Leadership Teamwork
  • A Program to Retain Talents Good People

S7 DNA Wellness

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Having good supplement just insufficient, therefore, S7 DNA Wellness Concept explains

For the entrepreneur this is indeed a phenomenal business opportunity. World renowned and respected economist and author, Paul Zane Pilzer, former economic advisor to two United States Presidents and the Editor in Chief of Success Magazine, predicts

“The Wellness Industry will be the next major force in business on the planet”

This is why we at S7 have undertaken a mission to save mankind, to save ourselves and help people around us do the same.