blue sky


S7 Global is the first and only network marketing company in world to willingly share Its Shares and Assets with Its Qualified Leaders that have been contributing - Members of Its Prestigious BLUE SKY CLUB.


In this new millennium our Blue Sky Business Vision has given birth to a New Business Strategy, especially in the Network Marketing, otherwise known as the Multilevel Marketing Industry. We believe we have set new standards that will storm the entire world in a very short time.

The Blue Sky Vision is a refreshing new business strategy requiring every stakeholder in a company to take pride in giving and sharing. S7 Global is the first company in the world to embody the Blue Sky principles in its vision, mission, core values and philosophies.

The main pillar of the Blue Sky Vision is the requirement for all our business stakeholders including our business associates to practice LOVE-LEADERSHIP.

Love-leadership is using your talents and skills to lead by example and consistently putting others before you. It is about teamwork and taking collective and individual ownership and responsibility for the welfare and benefits of all involved and ensuring that all the company’s missions are accomplished.


The hallmark of the Blue Sky Mission is the company’s willingness to share it's share of the company’s worldwide assets with its qualified leaders. From day one of starting with the company as entrepreneurs, our business associates are instilled with the understanding of love-leadership and with the true “Geese Spirit” in teamwork, taking ownership and responsibility, sharing, caring and helping to prosper with the company. Our business associates are groomed to achieve the 3 impossible dreams that attract thousands to join the industry.