S7 Children Welfare & Family Association


S7 Children Welfare & Family Association, Malaysia is a Voluntary Non-Governmental Organisation set up to help & support needy children creating a better and secure future for them.Protecting these children from abuses.


The Executive Committee of S7 CWF invite donations and contributions and volunteers to help in funding and organising activities for these chosen needy children. A monthly event will be organised to achieve the goals.


S7 Global, recently successfully registered an independent NGO, Children & Welfare Family Association (CWF) for the children and also a non profit organisation. The Association, set up by S7 Global′s business starters, their families and friends, is officially registered and certified by the Malaysian Registrar of Societies. The Association operates a Children Welfare and Family Fund, which will be used to take care of the welfare, education and training of needy children and their families.

S7 Global′s philosophy of doing charity starts from the day one of its inception. S7 Global is the 1st Network Marketing Organization in the world to have its own Children’s Welfare and Family Association which will be upgraded to Children Vision Foundation in the near future, to take care of needy children in this country and worldwide by providing shelter, food, education and hope for a great future.

S7 Global as an organization pledges to contribute 0.5% of its monthly product gross sales to the S7 Children Welfare and Family Fund. Qualified Leaders and S7 Business Starters will be appointed to head the Board of Trustee and Management of S7 CWF Association. Every month S7 Business Associates, their families, their friends and other volunteers will spend one day to do charity by taking care of the selected needy children.

S7 CWF will also work with other NGOs set up to assist children, Corporate Bodies and local community to raise funds solely to be used for the welfare and training of needy children.

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