Introducing a Seamless Worldwide Ecommerce Base Trinary Reward Plan.

The S7 Global Marketing Plan incorporates a QUICK START PLAN to earn your initial capital upon successful referring only 3 Direct Business Associates.

Over time the number of active BA in your network organization will grow, base on the Simple 3 x 3 Business Builder Duplication Success Formula. Thus helping to generate high and growing monthly residual income.

Active BA will enjoy Multiple Sources of Income.

It is a simple but powerful global compensation programme designed to help you as a S7 business starter to become a successful entrepreneur both locally and globally. It also helps those who just want to purchase great products at discounted prices using our Cash Back Program at their own leisure for personal use or sharing with family members or friends without any compulsion to purchase large quantities or make sales or income quotas.

It uses an internet-based Network Marketing Business Information System, which is global, seamless, fully automated and integrated to serve the needs of BA living and working in all countries.

It is a Business Starter-Centric Compensation programme. You earn gratitude and appreciation bonuses when you assist your direct and indirect team members to qualify and earn bonuses in all the plans.

The Quick-Up Plan will ensures our Business Starters start earning substantial incomes from the first month of their business commencement.