S7 Global Management Team

S7 President
  • President: Dr Jimmy Hoh
  • Senior Vice-President: Dr Semine Ng
  • Vice-President: Mr. Gary Hoh


The seed of this S7 GLOBAL & BLUE SKY STRATEGY idea took 17 over years to germinate, from 1992 to 2009. Our Founders, in their typical never-give-up style, persisted on reflecting on what needs to be done, at the same time talking to friends and associates in the industry and with the numerous network marketing leaders whom they helped groom as winners. Many out-rightly rejected this Blue Sky Strategy snickering that no entrepreneur in his/her right mind would want to share 50% of his/her business assets free to members even if they helped build the business.

Finally in 2009, they found their first loyal Partners from Singapore, followed by Great Partners from Malaysia and then Good Partners from India, Indonesia, Thailand, Taiwan, Hong Kong.. and the rest.. as they said is a history. Thus in May 2009, the Blue Sky Strategy was activated in Singapore. It has taken the Team another 3 solid years of preparations, sacrifice and hard work before we will finally see the Grand Launch of Blue Sky Strategy in 2013.


S7 Global Team to ensure all company Stakeholders and Members to practise, the HABITS OF WINNERS:

  • Gratitude & Appreciation
  • Self Motivation
  • Caring the Elderly
  • Assisting Subordinate or Downline to Solve Problem
  • Willing to Contribute
  • Praising Others
  • Protecting the Nature


  • Culture Comes Before Business
  • Love Comes Before Benefit
  • Learn Comes Before Sales