The Blue Sky Strategy is a refreshing new business idea requiring every stakeholder in the company to take pride in giving and sharing. Blue Sky principles as embodied in our company vision, mission, core values and philosophies are about everyone working together as a team, caring and sharing. It symbolizes the practice of the highest of human emotion – LOVE.

The main pillar of the Blue Sky Strategy is the requirement for all our business stakeholders; including our business associates or members to practice LOVE-LEADERSHIP. Love-leadership is about consistently putting others before oneself. It is about teamwork and taking collective and individual ownership and responsibility of the welfare and benefits of all involved and ensuring that all the company’s missions are accomplished.

Introducing S7 Global, The Blue Sky Strategy.
  • A Business of Giving, Sharing, Loving, Caring,
  • A Mission of Pay It Forward Culture,
  • A Vision of True Love Leadership Teamwork,
  • A Program to Retain Talents Good People,
  • A Platform to Groom Global Entrepreneurs,
  • A Strategy to Create a Win-Win-Win Solution,
  • A Concept of 3 in 1 Biz of Conventional, Franchising & Network Marketing
  • A Biz of sharing its shares and its assets with Qualified Leaders.

The Blue Sky Strategy is a lasting and fulfilling solution for the all-time problems and challenges encountered, and meant to overcome:

1. Non-Ownership after years contribution
2. Restriction of other tempting industry or business
3. Limitation of recognitions

Find out more from us how BLUE SKY STRATEGY create a long lasting Sense Of Belonging

Blue Sky is a unique and special opportunity and the first of its kind in the world. The Blue Sky business model brings people of diverse background together, train them and creates dynamic teams based on the principles of loving, sharing, caring and sacrificing for one another where team members literally work for the betterment of each others welfare and invariably prove that TEAM actually stands for TOGETHER EVERYONE ACHIEVES MORE. The Blue Sky Strategy ensures everyone in the organization to gain by sharing and without competing or attacking each other.

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