Winners Mastery Academy

Winners Mastery Academy (WMA) is an independent organization set up to offer professional, personal development and education programme to people, of all walks of life, interested in acquiring and improving their entrepreneurial knowledge, skill and actions.

WMA’s mission is to empower anyone interested in becoming or hone his/her skills as an entrepreneur. Through entrepreneurial education, training and coaching we aim to help individuals achieve their dreams and goals as well as contribute to the enrichment of the lives of people everywhere.

S7 Global’s Network Marketing, Conventional and Franchising business platforms provide WMA’s students business opportunities to ‘earn while they learn’ as well to pursue after their studies.

WMA is in the business of people. As an academy, we cultivate and groom our people to be next generation of leaders and entrepreneurs. We provide much more than skills required. We are also in the business.

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To create Winners


For Students to,

1. Learn how to live a 100% Colourful Life.

2. Learn the Art of Mental Mastery Quotient (MQ) to lead a happy & healthy life.

3. Learn the Art of winning to be a Winner in Life, not just being successful with money.

4. Learn the Art of achieving success through Love Leadership.

5. Learn how to apply the True Spirit of Teamwork.



The Art Of Being A Winner Using Love Leadership Applying the Principle of ” To Lose Is To Win ”. Base on MQ Mental Mastery Quotient Awaken The Winner In You is base on the teachings of ” Winner In You ” from the SWS Success Winners System Training Series being conducted in over 12 countries in the last 15 years.

Winner In You is a 3 Days MQ (Mental Quotient) Life Science Training and a life–changing experiential training event.. It is an event designed to be a proven way to transform anyone to be a better person, thus having a better life with the main focus on creating lasting change and achieving lasting wealth.. The Training has been conducted in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, India, Maldives, Hong Kong, Philippines & Macau with over 20,000 Graduates over the last 15 years. Welcome to Winner In You, the World Of Winners ( WOW ) !

WMA Distinctive Course - Winner In You Life Science Training

Includes MQ Mental Quotient Training & Success Winners System Training Entrepreneurship Training

The Success of this Winner In You Courses, is not only how exceptional is the TRAINER & the training itself, but also well supported by a group of love leadership Assistant Coaches